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看到 elfURL 提到了 這個短網址服務,不過... 沒提供 Bookmarklet 給大家用啊,這樣用的人怎麼可能會多 :p 就算你提供 RSS 讓使用者觀察某個短網址的狀態,可是還是很難用啊 :p

Update: 在 comment 指出其實有提供 Bookmarklet o_O

Google BigTable

Google's BigTable 得知 Jeff Dean 將在 10/18 在 講 BigTable:

BigTable is a system for storing and managing very large amounts of structured data. The system is designed to manage several petabytes of data distributed across thousands of machines, with very high update and read request rates coming from thousands of simultaneous clients. In this talk, Jeff will discuss the basic design of BigTable and its implementation, provide some performance measurements, and outline some current applications of the system. He'll also touch on Google's future goals and directions for the system.

屆時在 Colloquium and Televised Talk Information 也可以看到轉播。

OpenSSH 與 SSH Communications 的 SSH

的報導, (當初發展 SSH Protocol 的公司) 認為 的品質不足以成為企業級的產品:(SSH Claims Draw Open Source Ire)

OpenSSH is not an enterprise-class product that is needed for the demands of a large-scale deployment. We do not compare OpenSSH to our SSH Tectia solution, since it's far from the same,

可是 的佔有率遠遠超越其他人 XD

However, OpenSSH is very popular and is commonly deployed in almost all BSD, Unix and Linux systems. More than 87 percent of Internet-facing servers were using OpenSSH, according to an OpenSSH Internet scan in September 2004.

這段 Comment 直接說明了 的氣量:

They claimed OpenSSH was not "enterprise ready". Pointing out that many, many enterprises not only use it, but build it into their products is a fairly compelling rebuttal.

They are either using their own private definition of "enterprise" that doesn't include organisations like Cisco, or they are lying. Either way, they are discredited.

DreamHost Shared Hosting 不限制 Domain 數量了

的 Shared Hosting 不限制 Domain 數量了:

Unlimited Domains and Sub-Domains for all! (New Feature)

Posted: Sep 27th, 2005 - 01:30:00 PM PST (6 hours 1 min ago)

Hey Just-Became-Happier DreamHost Customers!

In honor of our 8th birthday, as of right now, all our shared hosting plans have been upgraded to include unlimited fully-hosted domains and sub-domains, forever!

You don't have to do anything, we've retro-actively applied this to all current customer plans. Happy Birthday to us!

The Happy DreamHost Doooooommmmmmmmmmmmaaaaaaaaaaiiiinnnnnnnnnsssss Team!


看到的太陽能手提包:Solar-powered Handbag,要把太陽能拿來做什麼呢?照亮包包裡面的物品 XD

報導 裡面寫的相當巧妙:

The contents of a woman's handbag have long remained a mystery - often even to the owner - but a new design offers to shine a light on the problem.

我笑到肚子痛了 :~