幾天前寫了 So long, Technorati 這篇文章,表達對 的失望。他發現當 Results 愈來愈多,速度就愈慢 (而且是慢的很誇張的那種慢),而有的時候會發現某些 Link 根本沒被算進來。

在比較過 所得到的結果,發現 得到的資料比較多、而且不會重複。但是很有趣的是, 提供的 Link 重複的很少:

Over the past few months, I've been comparing the results from to those of Technorati and PS is kicking ass. currently says that 19 sites have linked to me in the past 6 days (and at least four of those are old and/or is from last September, fer chrissakes) while has returned 38 fresh, unrepeated results during that same time. (Not that PubSub is all roses and sunshine either...the overlap between the result sets is surprisingly small.)

另外在 這篇 Technorati 可以做 OR 搜尋 也講了 搜尋數字非常怪異。(灌水)

難怪很多人期待 / 能提供更好的功能給大家用...

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